who the hell is he?

Name: Ammar
Call me: Ammar
Residency: Choa Chu Kang, Singapore
BirthDay: 25 December 1991
Religion: Muslim
Race: Malay
MSN: gila_guy@hotmail.com
Eyes: brown
Hair: black, short and ugly
Status: single
gender: Male
Languages: English and Malay
Character: insane, crazy, friendly, nerd, geek
Likes: Sleeping, eating, singing, adobe, TV, Movies
Dislikes: Studying, Chores, Tests, Social Studies
Wishes: To grow fatter (:

more and more for the busybodies

Well I have a face with a nose and a pair of eyes. I have hands and legs. Is this proof that I am normal and not an alien? okay good!
I love to eat and eat and eat but amazingly and surprisingly, I never grow fat! Which is a bad thing by the way because Im like this skinny guy and its never a good thing to be skinny if you are a guy! Anyone would know that.
I start turning insane around people ive known for more than a month. music is the shizz! I love art but take triple science in school.
Ironic I know but Im crazy. You should know that by now.
Im a computer junkie. Fine. A computer geek! Happy?!
I love to memorise stuff and smell food. I cant help it, I have OCD. Everyone does. Adobe photoshop and the computer is love!!<3<3

the love of my life

Food: YOU!!No just kidding. I love dead cow and slaughtered chiken.
Drink: Coke, Ice Tea, Sprite.
Actor: Elijah Wood, Jude Law
Actress: The forever sexay Scarlett Johanson, The talented Charlize Theoron
Colour: Green[not those emo green], blue, white, black, red, brown, grey
Hobbies: Whatever you can do with the computer, eating, shopping, hanging out, movie watching, blogging
TV: Lost, Prison Break, Supernatural
Bands: Orson, Lifehouse, Breaking Benjamin, 3 Doors Down, Matchbox 20
Musicians: James Morrison, Jay Chou, Lin JJ
Movies: Harry Potter, King Kong and moreee
Subjects: Geography, Biology, Amath, Emath

i hate you

Okay now youre being tooo nosey but read on. Theres a point in this being here anyhooways.

So i detests what is obstructing me from doing what I love and boring TV shows. Enough? Okay my hands are tired from typing.