past layouts

Finally found a use for this empty space!
Sorry but this are not submitted to blogskins so you cant download it!
All are done by me!!
Lastly Enjoy(:

description: Ben Foster layout. Stayed on for quite long since JC life is just so BEEEZYY!!

description: This layout is of Milo Ventimiglia of Heroes! HOT!

description: I made this blend for NOISE festival and turned it into a layout for my site. Loved it dearly. LOL.

description: I took on a new approach and I loved how it turned out!

description: Hot adam brody layout. abit difficult to make though since brody has a crooked left eye!LOL(:

description: I loved this avril lavigne layout loads baybeh!!(:

description: it's an unusual touch. first take on pop up windows(:

description: it's plain minimal, simple and I love it(:

description: i liked this. very modern, hip, and cool.

description: This is hot stuff! elijah version.

description: I loved this!took me 2 days to make since i had to make the vector from scratch!

description: its really simple and nice!

description: miyavi! loved it but it was causiing my problems so byebye!

description: probably one of my best!

description: i fell in love with this layout only for quite sometime!

description: I adore it like shit! eventhough it is quite plain and all!

description: used it for some time! basically it was 3 pics of liam and all! not really nice!!!

description: used it for a long time! basically it was 3 pics of teddy geiger and all! really nice!!!

description: pic of a adam brody with eyes covered. some animation and is simple Mostly orange and black

why: This was my fourth layout for this site!. It was beauuuuuuutiful!!!!!
description: pic of a random model. Mostly grey and pink with a tinge of green and blue!

why: This was my third layout for this site!. I loved i dearly!!!! so nice!
description: pics of elijah wood. with sunflowers and collage design. Mostly grey and yellow with a tinge of brown!

why: This was my second layout for this site!. it looked nice before i placed it on the site but when i did, it was ugly! only lasted for around two days):
description: pics of jared padelecki. mostly blue!

why: This was my first layout for this site!. I really liked. It was inspired by watching TV(:
description: Three pics of ashton kutcher. very colourful!

why: This was for my previous blog. I didnt really liked it but grew to like it better. It was inspired by...i was bored so i made it(:
description: A guy sitting on a cliff staring down thinking of life. mostly green!

why: For my previous blog as well...the rest are also frm my previous blog. I liked this one. Inspired by my friend who insists i do one of hilary duff(:
description: Pictures of hilary duff made into one. mostly green!

why: I liked this one. Inspired by its beautiful songs(:
description: Pictures of the members of AAR. mostly green!

why: I liked this one. Inspired by its beautiful songs and my love for them!(:
description: Pictures of the members of simple plan in a polaroid. mostly yellow and black!

why: I liked this one. My first layout after i got back my photoshop after recovery of my computer. I got the pics from a blends challenge site and made it into a layout.
description: Pictures of the Elijah Wood. mostly green!

why: I liked this one. My last layout before my computer crashed. I did not know what to do my next lauyout on and my friend suggested orlando Bloom.
description: Pictures of the Orlando Bloom. mostly blue!